Poetry – The Scientist

The Scientist



The scientist.

Pushing back the boundaries of knowledge,

Dispelling superstition.


The scientist.

Showing us that we are not

The centre of the universe.


The scientist.

Revealing that heaven is not in the sky

Nor hell beneath our feet.


The scientist.

Discovering the atom, harnessing electricity,

Changing the world.


The scientist.

Designing you and me

And challenging infinity.


Opher 8.8.2020

The Scientist.


In this populist age of new superstition fostered by power-seeking politicians, guided by self-serving interests, it is good to reflect that it is science, not religion, that has dragged us out of poverty and given us the wonders we now take for granted.

The populists, like Trump, seek to divide, to shake our faith in experts, history and scientists, to deride experts, promote fake news and claim that only they know the answers.

They promote conspiracies, undermine institutions and worship the god of profit. Nothing else matters.

The whole planet can be consumed just as long as their colossal bank balance keeps increasing.

Here’s to the scientists – the people who deal with reality and seek to answer questions – the people whose knowledge dispels myth.

Only they can bring us back out of this new Dark Age.

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