The Corona Diaries – Day 133

I noticed today that a pregnant doctor was castigating the government for their incompetence in not providing PPE. She had to treat Covid-19 patients without adequate protection and was terrified that she’d lose her baby.

I think a lot more of this sort of thing is going to start coming out as we go along. No amount of spin can cover up their lamentable ineptitude.

Johnson is so fond of big announcements but extremely short on how to carry them out. The schools will open in September – great. I think everybody wants that – just as long as it is safe to do. They’ve made the announcement but they haven’t said how.

It is obvious to me that you cannot have all the students back at a school and social distance. Most schools are simply not big enough and the numbers of students are too many.

It is also obvious that neither partial attendance nor spacing students out to teach them from a whiteboard is going to work for very long. Neither are bubbles!

Teaching requires relationship, proximity, inquiry, investigation and practicals. We’ve moved on from chalk and talk and rote learning.

It seems to me that the government needs to bite the bullet and tell people the truth – kids are extremely unlikely to get the disease badly. They are not a high risk for passing it on either.

I would suggest that we open schools as normal, without all the extreme measures apart from hand sanitisers and washing, but for the staff to take precautions and socially distance. It is the staff who are most at risk!

It’s a risk – but a small one.

However, with 892 new cases and a further 65 deaths, we could be in for tighter measures.

Despite the rise in new cases, the number of hospital entries has gone down. It seems that these new cases all from among the young, who are mingling to a much greater extent, who generally do not get ill enough to need hospital treatment. The major problem is that these youngsters take the disease into households where older people contract it and become ill, and a lot of them will need hospital treatment and some will die.

So today we had a carpet laid and completed our decoration programme (apart from painting outside windows). That’s a relief!!

I went for a 12K walk, came back and played a lot of Pogues!

Isolation is the new norm. I’m forgetting what life used to be like. It is good not having to keep checking the diary and fitting things into a crowded schedule, But I miss the contact! A 133 days is a long time!!

I’m going to do some writing and watch the football!!

Stay safe everybody!!


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