The Corona Diaries – Day121

I don’t think when I set out to start this diary, that I expected the isolation to go on for so long. I suppose I really thought that I would end up getting the disease and recording how it felt. That hasn’t happened yet.

We’re still running at 560 cases (that are known of) but the USA is surging ahead to 70,719. With the crazies who think social distancing and facemasks are something to do with some fictional ‘Deep State’ and only Trump can save them, I don’t think there’s much hope. There is insanity at work.  I watched a report yesterday about this QAnon phenomenon. They believe there is a deep state conspiracy of paedophiles who eat babies. They believe every conspiracy theory going – the US never landed on the moon, the earth is flat, the Twin Towers was a CIA plot, the holocaust never happened, Covid is a deep state plot and we’re being ruled by extraterrestrial reptiles. Trump is the only one who can save us. Good heavens. Only in America. They are truly nuts.

The truth is that the wealthy elite is running the world – through buying politicians, bribery, supporting political parties and dictating policy. They are the establishment and Trump is one of them. All this QAnon rubbish is distorting what is really happening. The wealthy and privileged, like Trump and Johnson, have too much power!

Today I went into our local shop for the third time. We had to post a parcel. It feels strange. I used to pop in and out all the time.

Facemasks were mandatory. It’s summer and my glasses were fogging up. What are they going to be like in winter?

I’m in favour of facemasks. I think they will reduce droplets and aerosol, but they have to fit right. I was very much aware that the air was just going in and out around the mask and not through it.

On my daily walk (my calf is less sore and I’m back to my customary 10K) I went up on my hill to the mown, barren wastes, and saw a red kite! It was delightful! perched on a telegraph pole. Gorgeous. He didn’t seem to like me much though and flew away. I saw him again later on another telegraph pole.

I left for my walk with nothing and came back with two poems!

Johnson had a go at the antivaxxers today – and rightly so. It’s our only hope of controlling the disease. Vaccination has seen the eradication and control of many diseases that were killers. With the rise of the antivax movement, we’re seeing the return of these killer diseases. Vaccination is a brilliant tool against disease.

We had a friend round for a few days, we’ve been out for a meal, we’re meeting up with grandchildren – but all outside with proper distancing. It is a question of keeping all the risks in proportion.

Anyway – stay safe everyone!

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