The Corona Diaries – Day 121

I’m still here, not ill and still isolating! That’s 121 days of abnormality (some say that for me it’s been a whole lifetime).

Well, here we are getting towards the end of July. We’ve been relaxing lockdown for a couple of weeks and today saw a rise in new cases (some 769) and a rise in deaths (53).  Not a huge number but evidence coming in from other countries show big increases when lockdown is relaxed. That’s worrying.

The USA and Brazil are showing what happens when you have an uncaring idiot in charge. They both have cases and deaths soaring out of control! Very salutary,

Over here our test and trace system is a million miles from world-beating and is allowing lots of contacts to slip through the net.

The criticism of our ‘happy go lucky’ Prime Minister is starting. Not only have his poll ratings shot down but his own party is turning on him. He has been accused of being lazy, opening his mouth without knowing the facts and doing things off the cuff without adequate preparation. Sounds right. I’ve always seen him as a lazy chance who has always had it too easy – a buffoon.

The preparations for a pandemic were lamentable. Despite the Cygnus report, nothing was done and they acted as if taken completely by surprise despite plenty of warning from the WHO and a previous 11 potential pandemics.

There was no planning for the economic impact either, even as they began to bring in responses to the crisis they hadn’t a clue. This was all quickly drafted out on fag packets.

Surely the job of governments is to think ahead and prepare – obviously not this one.

Now the real damage is starting to become visible as job losses and collapses of industry start to mount. It doesn’t bode well.

On top of this, we have a looming cliff-edge Brexit as the extreme loonies of the ERG drive us off the edge. They are loving this pandemic. It has taken all the attention off their stupidities. They will try and disguise the damage in the pandemic mayhem. We all know who will end up paying. The irony is that it will largely be the people from the poorest areas who voted for Brexit and Johnson.

Having a ‘Good-time Charlie’ for a Prime Minister in times like this is dire.

This is what one of his own Tory colleagues said about him:

“been on the backbenches, where he was almost a figure of fun, then won the leadership, divorced his wife, secured a fiancee, fathered a child and nearly died of Covid. It’s a lifetime in one year.”

But they added: “The hard facts are that Boris is a good-time prime minister; his grip on detail is shocking. He’s the chairman of the board rather than the chief executive. And he’s got a highly contentious, divisive and controversial chief executive in Dominic Cummings.”

I don’t think it’ll be long before the knives are out. As his popularity fades the reality kicks in – he’s not up to the job!

It’s been a strange day for me. I’ve been working on my book, went for a walk with our friend Nikki and generally treading water!

Everything is starting to feel unreal. I’m just about to go down to the Fish and Chip shop – our first fish and chips since lockdown. We’re starting to take more risks. I hope we don’t pay for it later!

Take care everybody! Stay safe!! ✌

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