Marketing your book.

Marketing your book.

You have written your book, rewritten it, redrafted it, and edited it. You have sweated over the cover notes and strained your brain over designing the front cover.

You now hold the finished product in your hand. It looks good. It reads well. It sounds interesting. You are filled with great satisfaction. All those hours have resulted in this. You created it. It is your baby. You conjured it out of thin air.

It isn’t over.

Having your book, and being delighted with the product of all those hundreds of hours of work, is the easy bit. Now you have to market it. If you do not market it then it will be unread. Nobody will even know your book exists.

Marketing is all about presenting it to your audience. You have to promote it and make people want to read it.

You have to sell it.

Marketing is a merry-go-round. It involves press releases, social media, book signings, blogs, interviews, calling cards and endless promotion.

You can work harder on marketing than you did on writing.

This is where I go wrong. I have written over sixty books. I enjoy writing. I don’t enjoy marketing! I don’t have the time, energy or inclination.

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