India – Kanchipuram – The Ekambareswarar Temple

We were lucky; we arrived in the midst of a festival! The temple was mainly granite and 1500 years old. It was extremely impressive.

Underneath was a maze of granite pillars and corridors, with colourful fantastical statues of beasts, mandalas and holy men. People were wandering through, sitting on the floor having a picnic and generally enjoying themselves.

15 thoughts on “India – Kanchipuram – The Ekambareswarar Temple

    1. It is colourful – but it has the dark side of overpopulation, poverty and pollution. The people are so friendly and nice. It really needs cleaning up and sorting out so that the colours shine. I loved it.

      1. That’s probably true. It is a land of contrasts – opulence and poverty. But it is a place of great colour and so much interest. I love it and want to go back.

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