Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Blind Willie Johnson

Today I thought I would delve back to the 1920s for a bit of great Blues. So I dug out my Blind Willie Johnson. He was a preacher and sang religious songs. I do not usually go for that but I make an exception for Willie.

I’m a sucker for the slide guitar. Couple that with Willie’s incredible voice and you get a startling combination. This is a man who lived the Blues. His mother died and father remarried but his stepmother abused him and treated him badly. When his father was caught with another woman she deliberately threw lye in Willie’s eyes blinding him for life.

There was no welfare back then. Disabled people had to earn a living. Many went into the church and many into music. Willie did both.

For me, this is (despite the religious lyrics) real music.


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