USA – Death Toll from Covid 19 greater than 1st World War, Afghanistan and Iraq combined!

Just out of interest I was taking a look at USA fatalities from recent wars to compare with Covid 19 deaths.

Covid 19 has killed, as of today, 128,857 people.

That is considerably more than the 1st World War, Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

It is nearly 30,000 more than all that were killed in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq all rolled into one!

And Covid 19 is undergoing a surge. There will be many more thousands of casualties to come!

WW1 – 116,516 deaths

WW2 – 405,399 deaths

Korea – 36,516 deaths

Vietnam – 58,209 deaths

Iraq – 4,497 deaths

Afghanistan – 2,216 deaths

If Trump continues to be so useless at controlling this outbreak it is quite conceivable that the USA death count will exceed the number killed in the Second World War.

For me, that demonstrates the gravity of the crisis. From the lack of social distancing and attitudes of some of the population, particularly in the Southern States, I’m not sure that the message has gotten across. Some still seem to believe it’s a hoax or only some kind of minor flu. Some seem to think that hydroxychloroquine or vitamin D will stave it off. I bet there are still some who believe they can drink bleach!

The truth is that we do not have anything that prevents it or cures it. Many people become infected without any problems, many get relatively minor symptoms, but a sizeable number require hospitalisation, oxygen, ventilators and many of those unfortunate people die.

Stay safe. Socially distance, Isolate and wash your hands.

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