The Corona Diaries – Day 104

Everything seems almost back to normal. Many people are no longer social distancing. I don’t think they realise.  The number of new cases is up to 1118 new cases today (and that is the known cases!). I think they’ve taken the wrong cues from Johnson. This isn’t over.

In the States the stupid Trumpists have been ignoring Covid and are now suffering – 5000 new cases in Texas today. There are going to be many deaths. Trump is really not leading people right – he’s leading them astray! Bolsonaro is the same. For these two the economy is more important than lives.

Johnson is not much better. His message is too upbeat and unclear. He’s inviting a second wave.

Yes, I believe it is safe to meet up with friends and family – as long as it is outside and people are distanced – otherwise it is not safe.

There was talk of things being different after this is all over. I don’t believe it will be. Everyone will go back to how they were – polluting, being daft and screwing nature. Shame.

Will there be any social change? In the midst of the crisis we were clapping the key workers,. We all came to appreciate all those important people who were keeping us going – the refuse collectors, posties, carers, nurses, cleaners,  drivers, shop servers, shelf stackers, veggie pickers and the rest. All those people who are on zero contracts, a lot of who were immigrants. Suddenly we realised how important they were. We cheered and clapped. Yet these are the people struggling to get by on poor pay and terrible hours. These were the people giving up their lives. These were the people putting their lives on the line for us. People began to question the priorities of our society. The profiteers were walking off with millions and avoiding paying taxes while these people struggled. It looked like things might change.

But will it?? Will the same people be walking off with all the loot? Will there be a different attitude towards immigrants??

Time will tell. But I reckon not.

So today I went for a long walk and found one of my beautiful stoats dead on the road. That seemed to sum it up. Nature was once more under attack. The respite was over. But it was still a beautiful day. There were tortoiseshell butterfly caterpillars on the nettles and butterflies all over the place.

I’ve been playing my North Mississippi Allstars.

This afternoon we had friends round for an SD picnic. Worked well. So good to see people.

Life goes on in lockdown – stay safe everyone!

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