Poetry – How Much the Cost?

How Much the Cost?


How much energy is wasted?

Who decides?


Or somebody?

Who deigns it is appropriate;

Necessary even?

For what reason?

Could any reason be sufficient?

Can anybody win?

Can it ever be just?

It is always terrible.

Yet we never learn.

We always clamour for it.

Someone always decides.

Some say it is inevitable.

Every time

We embark

On the same futile venture.

Full of optimism,

Consumed with passion,

Lust for glory,

For revenge,

Even justice and freedom;

With anger,

With fury,

With fanaticism.

While behind the plot,

With calculated disdain,

Methodical cynicism,

They scheme

For selfish gain.


Opher – 18.6.2020

It is a shame that you lose the layout on poems in wordpress. The layout adds to the force of the poem.

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