The Corona Diaries – Day 96

We are now starting to see the effects of the Corona virus on the economy as firms start collapsing and job losses become apparent. Furloughing has delayed and disguised that for a while but now the true nature of the damage is visible.

Johnson keeps asserting that we are world beating. Nothing he’s done is world beating – except allowing thousands of unnecessary deaths, creating the worst affected economy and being the worst prepared for the pandemic. We’ve sure been world beating at those three. He works on the Goebbels theory of propaganda – if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it despite all the evidence to the contrary. Hence he says we’re world beating and he’s proud of the governments record. What a farce.

At a time when we should be focussed on beating the virus and planning a recovery the Tory ERG are still utterly obsessed with Brexit. Their wet dream of a No Deal Brexit is in their grasp. Who cares about the job losses or effects on the economy. They can disguise that under Covid damage.

I just hope all those hundreds of thousands of people who lose their jobs think that it was all worth it. We’ve ended up with an extreme Tory government and an extreme Brexit.

The trouble with Tories is that they always try to enforce their views on everyone. Instead of negotiating, listening and finding a way forward they direct and order people around like the bunch of arrogant, privileged prats they are.

Just think how different it might have been if May had formed a cross-party group to formulate what type of Brexit to go for instead of being dictatorial, backing the ERG and trying to force a hard line on everyone.

Just think, if Johnson had sat down with the teachers to try to work out a safe way of getting kids back to school instead of issuing a directive with no idea of how it could be put into effect, the kids would all be back at school now.

Tories love to bully and order people around. Doesn’t work.

So today I played my Hound Dog Taylor very loud, wrote a poem, processed photos, continued creating a photo book and then went for a long walk. Nature has a way of revitalising. Today I saw a large grass snake sinuously swim across the beck, two long tailed tits singing in a tree and some huge trout in the river. The sun shone as we walked down the beck to the nature reserve at Wansford.  An idyllic Summer’s day!

Stay safe!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 96

  1. Thank you for the lockdown count. It helps those who have no sense of time. 96 is about a quarter way out of this mess, I figure. Let’s try to emerge in better shape!

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