The Corona Diaries – Day 94

Day 94 in isolation. That hardly seems possible!

Things are beginning to loosen up. Shops are opening. They are talking about going down to 1 metre distancing. Schools are taking in Year 10 and 11. There were huge queues outside shops.

Is this a good thing?

There were an extra 1513 new cases of Covid today.

Have we got our testing and follow up sorted or is this just a political decision brought about by public pressure and a need to have a growing economy?

We’ll see in a week’s time!

Meanwhile in the USA the daily rate is still 21,000 plus! With 117,000 deaths it is no wonder that his popularity ratings are going through the floor. Likewise with Bolsonaro and Brazil!

Today I started playing some Townes Van Zandt. A great guitarist and songwriter.

We went for a walk up the hill. It was overcast but not cold.

Back home I tried to sort my new blog, painted a shelf and fixed the art installation in the garden. The blog is live now!

Arranged a SD walk tomorrow with a friend and meeting up with a couple of friends later in the week. We’re beginning to come out of our cocoon!!

Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 94

  1. Yes, stay safe and keep some distance. Although that has seemed hard here but less risk as so few cases. Still, too much risk for our age groups. Our friend who died of this dreadful virus had this strange blood clotting on his lungs that meant irreversible damage. He was a writer with a great interest in the politics and responsibilities of the writer. I thought you might be interested to look him up; Carl Tighe, on Wikipedia, an obituary in the Guardian and his own website which his wife is keeping going. I have just read through his collections of poems to help my friend put them onto kindle. Yes, keep safe.

    1. It is quite terrible how many good people have fallen victim to Covid. They still do not know why some react so badly. I hope they find the answer soon. Yes I will look him up!

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