Poetry – Idiots Idioms – John Phillips

Idiots Idioms


Elvis has left the building,

The Moon is made of cheese,

The President has gone to ground,

The Country s on its knees.


The odds are on impeachment,

The bag has lost its cat,

We’ve heard it from the horse s mouth,

The people smell a rat.


I see a blue moon rising,

The window stands ajar,

A door of opportunity,

A gateway to the stars.


There’ll be no sitting on the fence,

We’ll take the highest ground,

We’ll really cut the mustard

And turn this thing around.


Let’s mobilize The Media,

They’re ours and ours alone.

They’ll help us on our way, to be

The power behind the throne.


So no-more waiting in the wings,

We’ll punch above our weight,

We’ll pull out all the stops to be

The first out of the gate.


We’ll buy another President

To use just as we please;

For Elvis left the building

And the Moon is made of cheese.

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