Poetry – The BBC (Now the TBC)

The BBC (Now the TBC)


Once there was an unbiased news

That was valued across the world

Impartial and challenging

Always with truth unfurled.


Regardless of tyrant or dictator

It reported the facts

And laid them out bare

For the world to react.


In Britain we valued its honesty.

It once stood up to authority.

But now skulks around behind diplomacy.

With government supremacy.


Now loaded with government stooges;

Its presenters live in fear!

Disagree with government policy

And you’ll be out on your ear!


It is evident now,

And so plain to see,

There is clear bias

On the BBC.


The BBC is now a vehicle

Of Tory policy

It makes you fear

For democracy!


Opher – 28.5.2020



The Tories do not like having their policies questioned. They do not want their policies scrutinised or challenged.

They want the BBC to be their transmitter of government policy with only a veneer of judgement.

To that end they have loaded the board with Tories. These political masters now dictate policy and preside with an iron fist. Step out of line and you’re sacked!!

So yesterday they supported Laura Kunnesberg tweeted support for Dominic Cummings without retribution while Emily Maitlis was sacked from Newsnight for daring to challenge the government line (a line which is clearly ludicrous).

Emily was made a scapegoat – a warning to other presenters to toe the line or lose their jobs.

Seemingly it is fine to blatantly savage the likes of Jeremy Corbyn with lies but not challenge Tory ministers.

How can we have a democracy when we have such blatant bias?

What we now have with the BBC is that pumps out Tory propaganda.


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