The end of Laissez-Faire Capitalism???

Is the Corvid 19 virus putting the final nail in the coffin of laissez-faire capitalism?

As the USA implodes under poor leadership with an economy in tatters, spiralling unemployment, unrest, division and a death-rate that is going berserk, China is quietly preparing to take over as the preeminent power in the world.

While the USA shows no sign of gaining control over the virus China is already getting back to normal.

The cards have long been on the table. Indeed one has to ask how America has maintained its position for so long given the poor education of its general population, the level of superstition, ignorance, racism and violence. It always has been a divided nation. It is becoming more so – encouraged by its own leadership.

The USA is the wealthiest country in the world but you wouldn’t know it when walking through many of its cities. Ghettos of squalor, homelessness and lack of opportunity, rampant racism and crime, gangs, drugs, murder and lawlessness with millions lacking even basic medical care or any safety net.

Laissez-faire capitalism has developed a selfishness and greed that is eating itself. It has created massive inequality. Those that ‘have’ believe they deserve it, while those who ‘have nothing’ deserve to be in the mess they are in. Yet it is obvious that race, privilege and opportunity play their part. The working class, deprived of good education and opportunity, are fed religion, patriotism and the American Dream. The ethic of hard work accrues wealth for the few but does not deliver to the many.

Big Business controls the elections and ensures only candidates supporting the elite can become elected. The propaganda machine feeds out its scare stories – fear of immigrants, fear of terrorists, fear of communism or socialism, fear of minorities. They even convince people that a multibillionaire represents blue-collar workers.

Meanwhile the Wild West ethic still persists as American arm themselves with semiautomatics and walk around intimidating officials and pretending that they are keeping the government in check and could actually take it on if they wanted, a delusion that is widespread. They believe this selfish, me first attitude is freedom. If it is, it is born of paranoia and fear that is more claustrophobic than any prison.

As the world of conspiracy theories devour science and knowledge, undermining the fabric of society and civilisation and replacing it with tribalism, politicians cynically use it for their own ends regardless of outcomes.

The Corona Virus has exposed the worst of this society:

  • Inept leadership
  • Lack of discipline
  • Gross ignorance
  • Blind patriotism
  • Gross inequality
  • Lack of safety nets
  • Lack of health care
  • Belief in religion
  • Belief in conspiracies
  • Gullibility
  • Racism
  • Xenophobia
  • Selfishness
  • Greed
  • Lack of civilised cohesion

Now, under the weight of Covid the system is imploding. Without proper safety nets the desperate are looking for scapegoats. God and country have let them down.

Is it a socialist plot? A hoax? A democratic party ploy? A Chinese weapon?

No. It is the result of the capitalist system that has deprived the majority of the opportunities and education they deserved while lavishing untold wealth on a tiny elite. A system that puts in place poor leaders.

Instead of using wealth to create a fair society whose prosperity is shared by all it has deprived its masses and greedily funnelled the wealth to the top.

Americans has been conditioned to believe that this is the American way, the way that has made the USA the number one power.

Perhaps it is time for a rethink as America is superseded by a power that has been planning and laying down the foundations for world domination for a very long time.

I’m not saying this is good. China, with its propaganda machine, ruthless control, lack of respect for the environment and disdain of human rights is hardly my vision for the future.

As a UK citizen I feel let down. America could have been a beacon of freedom and prosperity. Unfortunately it has not used its power and wealth wisely, and certainly not for the benefit of its own citizens. It has fostered wars, interfered with politics across the globe, kept its own population ignorant and squandered its opportunities.

So while Trump tries to blame China and the WHO for his own stupidity and ineptitude the Covid virus continues to wreak havoc and expose the underlying belly of capitalism.

Are we going to enter into a new age of Compassionate Socialism? Or are we going to find ourselves increasingly controlled by the totalitarianism of China?

My hope is for the former; my fears are for the latter.

Whichever – I think we are seeing the death-throes of Laissez-faire capitalism – and good riddance too!

8 thoughts on “The end of Laissez-Faire Capitalism???

    1. Yes Matt – thanks for that. It demonstrates the real problem most elegantly. America is the epitome of gross inequality and deprivation. A sad state of affairs.

  1. Great read, but too many vested interests and a concentration of power, which ironically the proponents of laissez fair have utilised to their extreme advantage, would make any real change too difficult?

    1. Exactly true. It is extremely difficult to think of a way that this can be changed – but change it must. The present situation is too destructive. Time is running out. We simply can’t allow greed to win.

  2. What you allege is party true, though grossly overstated and greatly exaggerated. And it has been somewhat true for our whole existence. By our I did not mean the US but for organized civilization. Things were much more equal when we were hunter gatherers.

    1. Interesting OG – in what way do you think it is grossly exaggerated?
      Yes, I would agree with you. It has been like that for most of out civilised existence – perhaps it is time we became really civilised and did something about it?
      For me ‘civilisation’ is measured by how well we care for each other and the planet we live on.
      Thanks for commenting. I’d like to hear more.

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