Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – The Incredible String Band

The Incredibles are quite a strange band to have made it big. They came out of the Underground and epitomised the spiritual explorations of that era. They started out as a trio – Mike Heron, Clive Palmer and Robin Williamson, but Clive soon left.

They were a colourful bunch, living in a commune and espousing a very upbeat multi-instrumental ensemble incorporating Indian instruments, philosophy and religion.

I first saw them as a duo at a festival where they sat cross-legged on the stage surrounded by an array of instruments, some very weird looking, that they proceeded to pick up and put down seemingly at whim. I loved them.

Their songs were infectious – Maybe Someday She’ll Come Come Along.

I followed them around a lot through many incarnations – with the girls at the Palladium, at the roundhouse with the dancers and at festivals.

They always seemed so cheerful.

I went to see them at the Bloomsbury Theatre in 1997 and had a backstage pass from my managerial mate Darren. There were lots of the glitterati there – like Robert Plant. The Incredibles were very well thought of and inspired bands like Led Zep.

I later saw them touring with Clive Palmer and Robin’s wife Bina. I had the pleasure of a long chat with Clive. He told me he’d been living in a small house in France. A nice guy.

So today I will be playing my extensive Incredible String Band collection very LOUD!! It will be great to reacquaint myself!!

Stay Safe!! May the Long time sunshine upon you.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – The Incredible String Band

  1. I used to be big on them, too – though without your access or connections. Had all their records.
    I see Mike Heron is back in action – Trembling Bells, but especially the part auto-bios with Andrew grieve, which I’d love to read, You Know What You Could Be.

    Having said all that there was always that ‘something though’… mostly centred on Robin. I could never believe his songs. They struck me as regurgitated eastern mysticism books, not self realisations.
    Mike Heron seem to have more authenticity.

    Ah, well, there you go.
    Have a great day.

    1. At the beginning they had a great joy about them. I think that dissipated and developed into a feud! Shame.
      Bina was not much of a singer and that grated a bit.
      Back then I was in my mystical phase and those songs certainly resonated. I look back now and they seem part of a more naïve optimistic time. I still hanker for that.
      I’m enjoying my Incredibles!

      1. That must have been when the Scientology happened. I still cannot understand that phase. Of all things, why That? Jo Boyd in his White Bicycles gives summary notes on how it happened, I guess.

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