A Roy Harper track to cheer me up – Forever

This is the best love song anyone has ever recorded – full stop!

It was recorded on Roy’s first album – an album that was recorded in a make-shift studio. The songs were all recorded live with a minimum of technology. A superb album.

The song was poetic, romantic and quite a contrast to Roy’s angst on his epic’s like McGoohan’s Blues.

It was written for Mocy – his first wife. A beautiful tribute.

I remember Roy singing it to Liz and me at the Kingston Hotel in 1970. That was a special gig. He doesn’t normally do things like that.

Roy rerecorded it for the 1974 album Valentine. He felt that the superior technology might enable him to produce a more polished version.

I still prefer the original.

Here’s a live version from early on.


6 thoughts on “A Roy Harper track to cheer me up – Forever

  1. Certainly a romantic, poetic song Opher from one of your favorite musicians.

    Is it the best love song ever? Hmm, I wonder. It sounds like he was motivated to give it his best shot.

    Song lyrics as follows…

    We’re just spinning leaves
    In the flight of dawn
    Little girl

    Falling through an eternal horizon of time
    But as we lie here I’d like to think
    That all we’ve got will be ours forever
    Don’t you think we’re forever
    I can hear a voice
    On the wings of my dream
    Little girl
    Melting me into love as it touches my heart
    But sheltered in the distance of your sleep
    Is all that I could love in a lifetime
    Don’t you think we’re forever

    Open your eyes
    To the call of the winds
    Little girl
    Can’t you here them all saying I’ll always be yours
    Lying in the misty morning sun
    The pillow of the night still beneath you
    Don’t you think we’re forever

    ~ (Lyrics by Roy Harper)

    Hoping all is well. Stay safe ‘n’ well,


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