The Corona Diaries – Day 42

The Corona Diaries – Day 42


So this is the end of the sixth week of lockdown. My sniffles have largely cleared up and I’m feeling great!!

Today is bright and sunny (as it has been for most of our lockdown – which certainly raises the spirits) even though there is a cold breeze off the North Sea which is keeping the temperature down.

Now I hope that none of you are poking UV lights up your orifices or injecting yourself with disinfectant??? It seems that the leader of the free world has a very limited understanding of science and biology. Right now there’s probably tens of thousands of his supporters dousing themselves with Dettol and laying on sunbeds with the exposure turned up to ten!!

Never mind!

Well the hall is nicely decorated. We’ve been through and chucked out loads! This is like the Spring-clean from hell!! It may never stop.

I went for my walk down the back lanes. It is brilliant to see the succession. The daffodils and tulips have had their day. In their place the bluebells are beginning to show, along with swathes of mauve and white deadnettle, yellow dandelion, pink campion and big clumps of comfrey. Most of the trees have their foliage, which makes the chirping birds harder to spot, and the ones that are not yet showing their leaves are busy budding. Nature is such a joy!! It certainly raises my spirits.

My internet went down yesterday. I’ve tried everything short of mouth to mouth and cardiac massage but no luck. An engineer is coming out next Friday. In the meantime I’ve been promised a 4G hub to tide me over. That should arrive tomorrow!! When it does I’ll put this out!

Right now I’m working on my Roy Harper book!! So much writing to keep me occupied!

So, apart from the mad ravings of Trump, there is not much to report. The roads are quiet, the economy is wrecked, there is no sign of an end to lockdown but the weather is fine, we have plenty to eat and life is good!

At times like this it makes you realise how precious life is!

Yesterday was Clap Day – we went out and banged, thumped and clapped for all the Nurses, drivers, carers, bin emptyers, shelf fillers, posties, electricians, cleaners, doctors, police, fire fighters and essential workers who putting themselves at risk to keeping us safe!


May the world change for the better!!!


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