Congratulations to Keir Starmer – the new Labour Leader and future PM!!

Well the media certainly did a job on Jeremy Corbyn painting him as an extreme left loony and even managing to paint him as a racist anti-Semite – a man who has spent his entire life fighting racism. They won’t be able to do that with Keir Starmer though! The man has gravitas and credentials.

I think that Jeremy was a man of conviction who had exactly the right policies. Unfortunately he did not look the part and he was not good at handling the media.

Keir Starmer does look the part. I can imagine him standing at the steps of Number 10 and I can see him projecting confidence on the telly. He is obviously highly intelligent, comes from humble background and rose to a high level. You don’t get to be Head of the Crown Prosecution Service without being good at it.

He has a long history of caring. His Mum was a nurse!

His first task will be to pull the party together and put a stop to this ridiculous in-fighting that has let the Tories off the hook.

His second task will be to put the stories of anti-Semitism to bed.

His third task will be to hold the Tories to account for their abysmal record!!

I hope that he retains the Corbyn policies, presents them at a reasonable, affordable, rate and involves all wings of the party in a cohesive, unified force.

Good Luck Keir Starmer!! Let’s get these callous, uncaring, elitist Tories out!!

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