The Corona Diaries – Day 14

We are completing the second week of isolation. It’s gone quite quickly but is beginning to drag a bit. It is hard to motivate oneself.

Last night was fantastic as we all stood on our step and clapped and howled for the NHS, for the valiant staff putting their lives at risk every day, for the doctors, nurses and carers, for the police, deliverers and shelf stackers, the cleaners and volunteers – for all the public servants who have been treated so appallingly for the last ten years. We clapped for you! And it was heartening to hear everyone!!

The government are going down with the virus so things might picking up soon!

They are changing huge buildings into mass hospital wards. They are commandeering and ordering equipment.

Still no testing – unless you’re a politician or royal!!

One has wonder why they did not get in gear sooner? Why weren’t there contingency plans for test kits, protective gear and ventilators? Why did they run down the NHS? Why such a shortage of doctors and nurses?

I bet they’re regretting Brexit now and driving all those nurses, doctors and carers away!! We’ve never needed them more!!

Every day brings another set of jokes! Every day brings us nearer the end!

Hurrah for the NHS!!  Thank you!!  Let’s make sure we treat them better in the future cos I haven’t noticed a lot of bankers putting their lives on the line or caring for those in need!!

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