The Corona Diaries – Day 12

Bit of a strange day today. It is the twelfth day of our isolation. As it would have been Liz’s  Mum’s hundredth birthday (she died twenty years ago) Liz wanted to visit her grave. So we drove into Hull to the huge cemetery on Chanterlands Avenue.

After leaving some daffs we had a walk round. It is quite strange in the midst of a pandemic to find oneself doing ones ten thousand steps of exercise in a graveyard – but it was a beautiful day, there were nicely kept paths and hardly any people so we were able to keep isolated very easily.

Life is transient.

It is the third day of our son’s covid-19 illness. He seems OK. One always has to bear in mind that it is around day 10 that the complications can kick in. Hopefully they won’t. The odds are on his side.

As for us – we still have slight coughs and runny noses – not corona related I’m sure.

The lockdown intensifies because there are too many loonies who don’t seem to get it. Talking to a friend last night he was telling me that round his way the kids were hanging out in large groups and when the police tried to disperse them they were spitting at them. There are always some ignorant twerps.

15 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 12

  1. ‘The pleasure-house is dust:—behind, before,
    This is no common waste, no common gloom;
    But Nature, in due course of time, once more
    Shall here put on her beauty and her bloom.

    She leaves these objects to a slow decay,
    That what we are, and have been, may be known;
    But at the coming of the milder day,
    These monuments shall all be overgrown.’

    ~ William Wordsworth, Lyrical Ballads ~


  2. One of the finest English Romantic poets! It was your mention of ‘Daffodils’ (‘I wandered lonely as a cloud….’) that brought Wordsworth to mind. ‘Lyrical Ballads’ was a joint publication by Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1798.

    I wish your son a speedy recovery Opher. It must be concerning for you all, but, as you suggest, the odds are on his side. Hang in there.

    Nature will (always) bloom and flourish. She is eternal, whilst we are immortal.

    Enjoy your Wednesday. Take care of one and all,


    1. Cheers Dewin. As you say – regardless of what we do nature will eventually blossom again. But I detest the amount of suffering we create. I wish we would learn to be part of it rather than trying to exploit or control it.

      1. Gaia, like any threatened Mother, is a ferocious adversary, she’ll fight like a cornered Tiger to defend herself and her children.

        She has enough of our foolishness, our disregard and contemptuous behaviour. We are being taught an invaluable lesson and being grounded so as to allow the message to sink in. Mother always knows best.

        Enjoy your sunny day 😷


      2. Mother knows best!!! Indeed – I hope we learn our lessons well! Seeing through all these blathering populist imbeciles would be a good start. We could boot Trump, Farage, Johnson, Cummings and Bolsonaro in the long grass to start with. Value nature and create a fairer planet.
        Let’s hope.

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