Gaia and Covida-19 Corona Virus

I would love to believe the Gaia theory – that the planet is alive. It would be so nice.

Our mother the planet is weary of our destructive ways, the killing of her creatures, the pollution and destruction, she is shrugging her shoulders, seeking to rid herself of us and our wicked ways.

She has sent the Corvid-19 as a warning. Next time it will be the real thing and we will be gone.

I’d love to believe that but as a scientists I do not. But I do think this is a warning. It is time we learnt to be less destructive, to get along together and limit our numbers, or our time on this planet might be short.

8 thoughts on “Gaia and Covida-19 Corona Virus

  1. Gaia, the Mother of all Life, is alive Opher and we merely organisms occupying one small strand of her interconnected, miraculous web. That we’ve repeatedly chosen to seek dominion over Nature is our biggest mistake: quite possibly, arrogance will be our eventual downfall.

    Hoping all’s well in your well of life. Stay safe, take care, keep smiling, and carry-on.


    1. I thought you’d say that Dewin! You are the Merlin of our times. I am but Frodo.

      You keep well and keep writing! I’ve very nearly finished Schizoid!!

      1. You dangled the hook, I had to bite πŸ˜€

        But you know, I can’t but help thinking there is something of Frodo Baggins of the Shire in us all Opher: an innate aspect at the core of our very being that reviles the willful, environmental destruction of Earth for capitalist self-interest, and seeks only to restore the natural order of things. Lest we also forget, Frodo was just one of a dedicated Fellowship who together undertook perilous adventure to take-on the might of a darkly power and return the one ring so that equilibrium on Earth was restored. Being Frodo should be considered an outstanding honor!

        I find Merlin an inspiration. Perhaps one day I might aspire to be like Merlin. It is, I think, a noble goal.

        Nearly finished Schizoid? Good work Opher! Irrespective of additional time given you by self-isolation, your output remains considerable. I hope you’ve been sat in the garden enjoying the fine warm weather whilst writing? I must say it’s a great title for a sci-fi book.

        A new computer-keyboard arrived today courtesy of Amazon. At last i have a full compliment of letters, numbers, and functions! It’s arrival is, I think, timely given that I have only a couple of chapters to go before concluding Copse ‘n’ Corpse πŸ˜‰


      2. I’m quite enjoying the isolation. It gives me time and focus.
        We will return that ring and create equilibrium or die trying – but we need a Merlin to give us wisdom and energy when all seems lost. Mordor may seem to be crumbling but it is far from dead. It is all in the balance!
        I look forward to the conclusion of your copse ‘n’ corpse – a fitting title. I wish to be interred in a wicker basket in a woodland glade.

      3. For you, self-isolation has an exceptionally silver-lining! It is the perfect excuse a writer could hope for to be released from social obligation/s! Might I anticipate at least three books written before your period of lock-down is over? πŸ˜‰

        ‘It is all in the balance!’ Indeed it is Opher, and this the same message given to Frodo by Galadriel in Lord of the Rings…’The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true.’ ~ J.R. Tolkien – The Fellowship of the Ring ~

        I still believe the opening of Merlin’s Bridge in Cornwall was prelude to the spirit of his return. That the U.K electorate didn’t heed his advice when going to the polls is, to say the very least, regrettable and unfortunate, but I like to imagine it was he – the Wild Man of the Woods – who in collaboration with Gaia will eventually lay bare the darkly truth at the heart of our dismal, crumbling, self-serving government for the eyes of the world to see. Mordor will fall.

        If memory serves me, I recall reading of Arthur C. Clarke’s wish for his deceased body to be placed inside an amber coffin and fired from a spacecraft into the heart of the Sun. It is certainly a dramatic finale and a fitting end!

        Have a great day! Happy writing!


      4. Just starting Dewin!! The sun is shining giving freely of its energy, giving life, and energising the spirit. I shall suck it in and breathe it out.
        Thank you Merlin. The quest is hardly begun. May the circle be complete.

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