Poetry – Hypocrisy



What sticks in my craw is hypocrisy – as the elite hold their hands up in shock.

One rule for you and one for me – for they never end up in the dock.

When it comes to orgies, drugs and perversion, they’re at the front of the queue.

But when the poor do their own version, that simply will never do.

For Eton boys and establishment figures have always enjoyed free licence.

The authorities cover with rigour, and put a wall of silence.

Two-faced morality with a public face and façade.

Applied hedonistic brutality, hidden by the old guard.

Judges, colonels and police chiefs hypocritically follow a double life.

Hookers, cocaine and expensive briefs, public persona and wife.

Hypocrisy, hypocrisy – it has always been thus!

A veneer of respectability covering a canker of pus!


Opher – 25.2.2020

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