Poetry – Just the Truth – One Day

Just the Truth – One Day


One day there will just be truth –

No countries, races or power.

One day there will be equality,

Sharing – and no need to cower.

There will be no need for armies

As the world resounds with peace.

No need for conservation areas

As all wildlife will increase.


One day humanity will wake up

Limit its numbers and be responsible.

One day we’ll jettison arrogance,

Greed and power, and become sensible.

One day the day will come

When humanity will be one.


You can deny it

But all things are possible.

If they can be conceived

They just have to be believed.


Opher – 5.1.2020



I like to think that human beings have great qualities as well as obnoxious ones.

The idealists may be naïve but if they ruled the world it would be a beautiful place.

I like to believe that there are more of us who are good than are nasty.

I like to believe that logic will prevail.

I like to believe.

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