Poetry – Give thanks it isn’t us!

Give thanks it isn’t us!


Slicing off the genitals

Of the fully conscious

With a sharp knife

Without a thought.


Placing the severed genitals

In a basket

Without regard,

Without knowing.


Carrying the spoils inside

To the sink

With a smile,

Looking pleased.


Trimming the genitalia

With scissors

A careful eye,

A steady hand.


Arranging them in a vase

With water,

To admire

Their prettiness.


Opher 26.12.2019



I always wonder about consciousness. It is such a mystery. What is conscious? Are rocks, planets and stars conscious?

What an absurdity.

Yet is it?

Is consciousness a product of the electrical activity in our brains?

Then that same electrical activity takes place through a plant. Could they be fully conscious.

Because they do not shriek and scream does not mean they cannot feel, does it?

Feel grateful that plants do not collect the genitalia of animals!

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