Poetry – Just Flotsam

Just Flotsam


Just flotsam,

Floating in the currents,

Drifting from shore to shore,

At the mercy of the wind.


Just a dream,

Sailing through a mind,

From thought to thought

At the behest of a whim.


Just a life,

Wending through a crowd,

From liaison to liaison

Dictated by a heart.


Just a purpose,

Searching for a focus,

In the midst of apathy,

Driven by compassion.


Opher 26.12.2019



This season always leaves me reflecting back through life. It seems to me that we rarely plan our lives; we just drift. There is aimlessness about it. But occasionally we impose some measure of choice.

Too often we are blown along by what is going on around us.

If only we could find the time, energy and objectivity to make sound decisions.

I feel like a piece of flotsam.

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