Poetry – Spirituality Reigns

Spirituality Reigns


Trees and rocks and rainbows

Within the spiritual arc.

Seas and skies, cosmic glows,

Along with leaves, flowers and bark.


The insects, fish and birds

A tapestry of wonder.

Divine sun, moon and stars

To split the mind asunder.


The beauty of this life

In all its great mysteries.

The mind and consciousness,

Universe of histories.


Five senses to reveal

A majesty in seconds

So time enough to try

As infinity beckons.


Opher – 15.12.2019



We open our eyes into this universe for a brief period in infinity. We close them and we are gone. It ceases to exist.

In the midst of this amazing spiritual adventure, through the might of the cosmos and the spectacle of life, we are fortunate enough to have senses to experience it and a mind to appreciate it.

Infinity is a long time.

Our life is a blink, a brief flicker.

To make the most of those fleeting moments, to understand, to rejoice and to wonder – that is all we can do.

Every second is a mystical joy.

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