Junk mail tells a story.

Junk mail tells a story.

I have just emptied my junk mail box. I found the contents fascinating.

Seemingly I have lots of Asian and Latino girls who can’t wait to get their hands on me. I am wanted by model agencies and people want to sell me penis enlargement and Viagra.

I have hundreds of free spins on lots of casinos, free bets and enticing odds.

I am offered lots of wonderful credit card deals and payday loans are exorbitant prices (Presumably so that I can pay off the debts from the bets I have been putting down).

Supermarkets want me to set up accounts, take out cards and arrange home delivery – with various enticements.

Then there’s the gentleman from Ghana who wants to transfer $12 million into my account.

Well obviously I was highly tempted but there was only one I was interested in. I eagerly await my 50% of that $12 million.

What is this all telling us about the world we live in?

2 thoughts on “Junk mail tells a story.

    1. He’s a bit slow on getting the money through though and I’m getting a lot of urgent messages from my bank. I’ll have to get around to contacting them soon.

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