Books I have read recently.

Books I have read recently.

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You can tell a lot about a person by the books they read and the music they listen to. I haven’t had too much time for reading lately because I’ve been writing such a lot. But reading has brought as much pleasure to me as sex. I don’t like to think of a world without music and books. If the fundamentalists ever take over and start burning books I’d have to martyr myself in the cause.

These then are the books I have been reading this year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all. Though some more than others. Colin Wilson was a bit disappointing and much as I adore Son House, the book on him was not brilliant and wrong in places.

175. The Martian Andy Weir
176. Afterlife Colin Wilson
177. Revolution Russell Brand
178. The buried giant Kasuo Ishiguro
179. Sons and lovers D H Lawrence
180. Women Charles Bukowski
181. Collected stories Philip K Dick
182. Murder on the Marco polo Clive Leatherdale
183. The colour purple Maya Angelou
184. Reader Noam Chomski
185. Magic seeds V S Naipal
186. Notes from a small island Bill Bryson
187. Tortilla flat John Steinbeck
188. The heart goes first Margaret Atwood
189. Finding Son House Richard Shade Gardner
190. The big over easy Jasper Fforde
191. Lost in a good book Jasper Fforde

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