Corruption and dirty tricks in Politics. Are politicians now above the law??

It is a sad state of affairs when politicians are caught out lying, doctoring videos, breaking laws, giving bribes, fiddling expenses and using all manner of promises – peerages and enticements to gain advantage and we have become so used to it that we no longer react. The truth is that we have accepted that they lie and are corrupt. It no longer surprises us!

So now the Tory Party has been offering peerages to Brexit candidates to get them to step down. Isn’t that an illegal scandal?? Wouldn’t that have brought down governments in the past?

Now we have the Tories deliberately hiding up a report on Russian interference because it will show that Russian oligarchs are major donors to the Tory Party and Russia had an impact on both the Brexit vote and the election of the Tory Party. Isn’t that corruption?

Now we find that the Tory Party deliberately doctored videos to create fake news and Tory propaganda. But we just accept it.

We find that the Vote Leave campaign used intrigue to cover up illegal excess spending in the campaign.

We find that immoral philanderers like Johnson and Trump who have a history on cheating on their partners are considered honest and honourable.

We find that lies and made up figures on Labour spending is trotted out and presented as facts.

The list goes on and on. Why aren’t people being taken to trial and locked up??

Worse than that – why do people find this scurrilous behaviour acceptable??

This is surely an all-time low. They are getting away with unlawful behaviour that we would find ourselves sued, prosecuted and imprisoned for.

Are politicians now above the law??

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