Russian Intervention – What are the Tories looking to cover up??

Why won’t the Tories release the report on Russian intervention??

The leaks suggest that they will not release it because it is incredibly damaging to the Tories and Brexit.

Are the Russians big sponsors of the Tory Party?

Did the Russians intervene to enable the Tory Party to get themselves elected?

Did the Russians interfere with the Referendum in order to gain a Leave vote?

From the leaks that are coming out it seems the answer to all three is yes. The reason the report is not being released is because it is extremely damaging to the Tories.

So why would the want the Tories and Brexit?

The answer is that the Russians want the power of the EU, NATO and the UK reduced. They see Brexit as a way of reducing the power of the UK, NATO and the EU. Slam dunk.

That is also why they conspired to get Trump elected.

Could it also be that they also see the Tories as supporters of the elite which they think enables them to exploit our tax loopholes and launder their money?

So it seems that the Tories are bankrolled by Russians and Brexit was bought by the Russians. No wonder they do not want that report publishing.

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