Poetry – Trippin’ – a poem of despair at futility.

Poetry – Trippin’ – a poem of despair at futility.

Even optimistic idealists have their moments of despair. One look around the world is usually sufficient. If it isn’t ISIS trying to destroy Western civilisation, shutting down girls education, putting women into sacks, banning music and trying to force everyone to memorise medieval texts by heart and go back to the dark ages, it is the destruction of the natural world and animal kingdom.

It gets depressing.

Sometimes all I see ahead is war and a concrete jungle devoid of life.

Then I look at the wonder of the universe, the beauty of the world and have to take fresh heart. There are lots of things to stand opposed to. We have to fight for a better world – peacefully. Every problem has a solution.


I was reaching for a rainbow

When I fell from the sky

Tripping over reality

Falling from a high


I was wishing on a comet

Streaming through the night

Standing on the roadside

With no sunrise in sight


I was hoping for a paradise

That we could build together

Falling from a dream

That was meant to last forever


Trippin’ over reality

While reaching for the sky

Falling from a dream

Rebounding from a lie


Opher 21.2.00

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