Poetry – Far Horizons – a poem about the wonders of humanity.

Poetry – Far Horizons – a poem about the wonders of humanity.


Far Horizons

I’m always amazed by the creativity of humanity. Our minds are incredible. We are so new yet we have harnessed our astounding minds to create the world we live in. We exploded out of Africa to dominate the world. We overcame obstacles and destroyed our enemies. No creature has ever been so resourceful. The original ideas and solutions come flooding out of that jelly in our heads.

We are a duality: a strange mixture of compassion and altruism and callous barbarity. Future history will show which of the two sides is the greater. I believe in the caring side. I believe we build the zeitgeist that will see us through.

Our intelligence came out of such mundane things as an opposable thumb and binocular vision. Our amazing ability to question why and find solutions, we conjure them up out of nowhere. Our imagination is our only limit.

Far Horizons

Far horizon, curve of sky

Thumb and finger – wonder why?

Out of Africa – black as pitch,

Ever pondering – which is which?

Hunting, gathering – wandering far.

Following on high seas the only fixed star.

Spreading outwards, like a vivid splash.

Overcoming obstacles in a neuronal flash.

Devising, solving, challenging the how

With ideas and inventions for which we take a bow.

Arrogant and vicious yet gentle and kind

Honing the body, instruments and mind.

Vast cities, many colours, the bomb and the gun,

Religions and cultures, music and fun.

Sources of hope and scattered profanity

We are the animals we named ourselves



Opher 17.8.2015

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