Rock Music – British Beat and Mod-beat from the sixties – a list of the best tracks.

Rock Music – British Beat and Mod-beat from the sixties – a list of the best tracks.

This is a list of my favourite tracks from the sixties Beat Boom of 1964. There were some great bands. I thought this would be fun!

This is when Britain ruled the world. Our Music dominated. We took the States by storm and there were hundreds of great bands. My favourites were the Downliners Sect!

Rock Routes cover

This is another extract from the book Rock Routes. I bet you would add a few tracks to this and maybe take a couple out. But that’s the fun of it!

Band Stand out tracks
Rolling Stones CarolWalking the dog

I just want to make love to you

Come on

Its all over now

I Can’t be satisfied

Little red rooster

I’m a king bee

Mona (I need you baby)

Downhome girl

Under the boardwalk

Grown up all wrong

What a shame

You can’t catch me

Pain in my heart

Off the hook

Susie Q

I can’t be satisfied

Talking about you

I’m free

That’s how strong my love is

Hitch hike

You better move on

Take it or leave it

Mother’s little helper

Out of time

Under my thumb

I want to be loved

Poison ivy

Not fade away

Its all over now

Around and round

Downliners Sect One ugly childOur little rendezvous

Too much monkey business

Baby what’s on your mind


Cops & robbers

I wanna put a tiger in your tank

Be a sect maniac

Hurt by love

He was a square

Them GloriaHere comes the night

Baby please don’t go

It’s all over now Baby Blue

Kinks Well respected manCadillac

I’m not like everybody else

You really got me

Beautiful Delilah

Long tall shorty

I’m a lover not a fighter

Got love if you want it

Long tall shorty

Tired f waiting for you

Come on now

Milkcow blues

Til the end of the day

All day and all of the night

Yardbirds A certain girlGood morning little schoolgirl

I ain’t got you

I aint done wrong

Heart full of soul

Still I’m sad

I wish you would

Too much monkey business

I’m a man

Smokestack lightnin’

Here Tis

Got love if you want it

Animals Story of Bo DiddleyDimples

Bury my body

I’m mad again

Boom boom

Around and around

I aint got you

For Miss Caulker


I’m cryin’

House of the rising sun

Don’t let me be misunderstood

We gotta get out of this place

Screaming Lord Sutch I’m a hog for you babyJack the ripper

Monster in black tights

Pretty Things Don’t bring me downRosalyn


Mama, keep your big mouth shut

She’s fine she’s mine

Honey I need

Pretty Thing

Can’t stand the pain

Buzz the jerk

Nashville Teens Tobacco RoadGoggle eye

Find my way back home

I like it like that

Moody Blues Go now
Manfred Mann 5 4 3 2 1If you gotta go go now

Do wah diddy diddy

It’s gonna work out fine

Down the road apiece

Smokestack lightnin’

I’m your kingpin

I’m your Hoochie Coochie man

The way you do the things you do

Spencer Davis DimplesKeep on running

Gimme some lovin’

I’m a man

Somebody help me

Strong love

I washed my hands in muddy water

This hammer

When a man loves a woman

Midnight special

Others Oh Yeah
Poets We’re Thru
Sorrows Take a heart
Measles Casting my spell
Birds Leaving here
Cryin’ Shames Please stay
Undertakers (Do the) mashed potatoesJust a little bit
Paramounts Poison ivyLittle bitty pretty one

A certain girl

Zombies She’s not thereTell her no
Roulettes Bad Time
Adam Faith & Roulettes We are in loveThe First time



Artist Outstanding Tracks
Who I can’t explainMy generation

Happy Jack

Summertime blues

The kids are all right

Boris the spider

I can see for miles

So sad about us

Mary Ann with the shakey hand

Anyway anyhow anywhere


Pictures of Lily

Smallfaces What ya gonna do about itSha la la la lee


My mind’s eye

Hey girl

All or nothing

Action Land of a 1000 dancesShadows and reflections



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