6 thoughts on “Hatemonger Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Sorry about that, typing far too quick. I see you still have this rather unhealthy/unnatural obsession with Tommy Robinson. Strange how you have not mentioned the biggest RACIST of all one Heir Jeremy Corbyn the ANTI-SEMITE and don’t bother denying it its a fact, the man that spews out so much hatred for the Jews the man that is such close Friends with the Terrorists even inviting those that plotted to Assassinate A British Prime Minister to Tea at Westminster, dear oh dear I call that a TRAITOR TO THIS COUNTRY I expect you call that a hero. How selective you are in who is a Racist and who isn’t of course how could the Far Left be Racists in your mind. Support the ANTI-SEMITES you have to be one yourself, read the old Jew Haters book on him yet, you should its half price first few pages proves what a liar he is, all interesting. Please don’t bother calling me a LIAR/RACIST/FASCIST/RIGHT/FAR RIGHT and even ludicrously a BLACK SHIRT, just proves what you are. Really time you got this unnatural obsession for Tommy Robinson out of your head. By the way the TRUTH HAS A WAY OF FINDING ITS WAY OUT, THE BATTLE IS JUST BEGINNING.

    1. Anna – I don’t like fascists and hatemongers, that’s all. Tommy started as a football hooligan and then formed the fascist English Defence League – exaggerating, lying and promoting hatred. He’s been spewing right-wing propaganda for a long time. His Islamophobia preys on those who are afraid of Muslims. He’s a racist.
      Corbyn is not a racist. I have challenged you on many occasions to relate to me any anti-Semitic thing he has ever uttered and you have not found one. It is true that there are a tiny minority in the Labour Party who are anti-Semitic. They need kicking out and Corbyn should have acted faster.
      I don’t call you a liar or a racist. I think you are just falling for all the right-wing propaganda and have a fear of immigrants. That, as I remember, was your prime reason for voting for Brexit. You think that making everyone a lot poorer is worth it to get rid of immigrants. Ironically it has reduced Eastern European immigration but increased Muslim immigration to make up the numbers. Immigration from outside the EU, that the government has complete control on, has gone up.
      You’re right about the truth – it always comes out. Tommy Robinson, who you have championed and believed, is being shut down because of his hatemongering.

  2. Dare say yin will remove my comment as you always do, thats just more proof you hate the Truth Opher, you have never liked being told anything that you don’t agree with, typical Far Left ex teacher.

    1. No I do not always remove your comments. I remove comments that are rude and abusive – as yours were. As long as you refrain from personal abuse I am quite happy to argue with you. I greatly value the truth. Unfortunately I think you have been duped. Your fears have led you down the wrong path. Fascism is never an answer to a problem. We had to fight a world war once these racist fascists reared their heads in Europe. I don’t want my grandchildren caught up in something like that.
      Fascists are on the march. They need shutting up and shutting down. Today was a good day for freedom.

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