Trolling – The Glasgow Disturbed Guy

Isn’t it amazing the lengths some people go to in order to be totally unpleasant – including death threats and unpleasantness with threats, such as:

Black Army – Yes. The geezer doesn’t know he’s fucking born. He has no ideas what’s coming his way.

Black Army

He does now. The crew know his whereabouts. Manners will be taught to teacher.

Fortunately I have kept all the emails – under various pseudonyms they all emanate from one IP address An address in Glasgow.

This has been going on now for over a year with the most stupid set of names. The recent batch include:

Black Army





March of Black Death


Truth Will Out

Bill The Town Cryer

Terrence Batton

Yvette Morrison

Hugh Goodall

Colin Bleasdale





Victor Grace

Gerry Edwards

Peter Hargreaves

The Slow Simmering Death of Ridiculous Self-Righteous People

The Devil Does Damage


Goodwin Christopher

You Can Delete all You Like But I’ll Always Make a Complete Donkey of You



Details for

Decimal: 1524262256
ASN: 5607
ISP: Sky Broadband
Organization: Sky Broadband
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Dynamic IP
Continent: Europe
Country: United Kingdom gb flag
State/Region: Glasgow City
City: Glasgow
Latitude: 55.8804  (55° 52′ 49.44″ N)
Longitude: -4.3007  (4° 18′ 2.52″ W)
Postal Code: G12

It sure takes a disturbed individual to go to such trouble. Dozens of different pseudonyms and hundreds of unpleasant putrescent messages geared to threaten, put other people off commenting and destroying my blog.

I know who this sick fuck is. So do others.

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