Vulcan Bombers Flying from Leconfield

As it seems the latest focus for Troll activity I thought I would dispel the stupid ridiculing for my assertion that Vulcan Bombers used to fly over my school.

I joined Beverley Grammar School in 1975. I can clearly remember Vulcan bombers taking off from Leconfield and going low across the school causing it to shudder. I am not sure how regular this was. I am also not sure if these planes were armed with nuclear bombs. I think that information was top secret. But it is perfectly possible that they were armed though it appears that following the introduction of the Polaris missiles the Vulcans were moved to other operations.

Why this should have been focused on for a target for abuse I am not sure.

Here’s an extract from Wikipedia:

In the 1950s Leconfield was a nominated ‘dispersal base’ for the RAF V bomber force.

The bombers were finally taken out of service in 1984.

Here’s further information about the siting of V Bombers:

I hope that puts an end to that senseless argument.


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