Trolls, Spam and Viruses.

To see what is wrong with human beings one has only to look at the cyberworld.

The internet is a great invention that allows us to instantly be in contact with everybody over the whole planet. A magnificent invention with the power to do great good. It can enable friends to stay in contact, establish new friendships, exchange news and information, enable good people to come together to do good and oppose evil.

Unfortunately there is also the darker side. It also enables the nastier people to have access to everyone to practice their hatred, bullying, nastiness or greed.

Such a shame.

To start with everybody who is on the internet has to pay out to prevent viruses attacking their computers. The worldwide cost of this protection is enormous. It must run into billions. The inconvenience is also enormous. Some viruses are spyware set up by criminals to gain information so they can steal. Some is just malicious. Somewhere there are people sitting in rooms spending inordinate amounts of time designing viruses that will penetrate your computer’s defences and destroy all your data and ruin your hard-drive. They must get pleasure out of thinking of the harm and distress that will cause to all those people.

What makes humans take such pleasure in hurting others? Greed? Power? Insecurity?

Then there is the spam. Every computer has to have an inbuilt mechanism to sort out unwanted and unsolicited mail. Fortunately I don’t get too much of this lately but a while back I was targeted by a bot that would literally put down hundreds of spam message every time I made a post on my blog. My spam box would fill with thousands of messages. Admittedly all it took to remove them was the press of a button but sometimes genuine message get caught up in the spam and having thousands of bot generated crap stops one from even attempting to sort through and they are lost.

Lately between the adverts I have been receiving another kind of spam. These are very lengthy pieces of random articles that are cut and pasted together. Somewhere there is somebody who is gleefully spending their time creating these annoyances. Do they get their kicks out of imagining these stupid lengthy messages clogging up other peoples’ computers? Or is there a more sinister intent?

Then there are the trolls. I get a number of these. Some pop up regularly on my blog assuming different disguises but always coming out with the same brand of nastiness. They can be identified by the same arrogance and similarity of style. Their intent is to upset and belittle. They want to undermine and disrupt. They are bullies who hunt in packs – actually going to the trouble to create a series of different persona to reinforce each other in their attacks.

So who are these trolls, these unpleasant bullies? People that you have upset over the years? People who despise what you stand for and say? Or just people who enjoy hurting other people?

I imagine there is a mixture.

So as I say – if you want to see what is wrong with human beings just look at the internet. It’s all on display for everyone to see. The bullying, nastiness, arrogance, cruelty, pedantry, viciousness, greed and delight in destruction.

I can imagine these unpleasant people sitting alone in their rooms trying to devise ways of hurting other people. What a sad group of people. What a shame that we have to have all these defences and waste of time and money because of such unpleasantly flawed individuals.

But on a brighter note – they are just a tiny minority. Most people are friendly, pleasant, kind, trustworthy and helpful. We really shouldn’t allow these morons to rain on our day.

Don’t let the bullies win!

Ignore them, delete them and shine!

Have a nice day!

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