Woody Guthrie – Mean Talking Blues – Lyrics and rambling!

There’s no need to say who this is for. There’s no need to name them. They know who they are.

Opher's World

I’m having a bad day. I’m feeling frustrated, disgruntled, miserable and down

I got up this morning and the central heating was off. The house was freezing. I switched on the lights and a bulb blew and flicked the electrics. The toilet was blocked. My computer is not functioning properly. The internet is a snails pace. I can’t open emails or big documents. I can’t write. I’m too grouchy and annoyed. Nobody has bought any of my books today. I have three books to correct and I can’t download them. I’m fed up!

Well I unblocked the loo, changed the bulb and did the electrics and got the central heating going.

Doesn’t make a jot of difference. I’m still down.

So I went and sorted a Woody Guthrie song that fitted my mood. Woody Guthrie is a master poet/songwriter and I love him. He has a song for every occasion…

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