Mother Nature is a myth just like Father Christmas.

There is no such thing as Mother Nature – it’s a human construct like Father Christmas. There is no automatic super mother stepping in to sort things out. There is just an exceedingly complex ecosystem that has taken billions of years to evolve and we are fucking it up in no time at all.

Yes it is possible that a virus will mutate but there is no certainty of that. I hope it does. Wiping out 99% of humans would not be a bad thing for the planet – even if it did kill off me and my family.

A far better solution is for us to use our intelligence and sort the problems we have created out for ourselves.

Overpopulation, pollution, species extinction, deforestation, global warming, habitat destruction – they are all in our remit to fix.

10 thoughts on “Mother Nature is a myth just like Father Christmas.

  1. Yes, but there isn’t any global warming. Unless you want to consider 0.8 degree increase in 140 years as warming. 10,000 years ago it was 2.2 degrees warmer than it is now.

    1. Rubbish – of course there is global warming. You’ll be telling me that Trump tells the truth next!
      I put up the chart on here a while back. Are you not listening to what all the experts are saying? Or is that a conspiracy? Richard Attenborough is a globalist shill! Lol.

  2. I don’t have the same mental construct about “Mother Nature” that you pointed out here, Opher. I always understood the term as a personification of the wonderful life-sustaining power of the planet – nurturing all life like a mother. Just don’t get her upset!!!!

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