I’ve got this smashing idea!!

How about forging an agreement with neighbouring countries to allow free trade to make us all more prosperous?

How about allowing free movement between those countries so that we don’t need visas, passports and work permits?

How all collaboration between those countries on various science, technology and economic projects?

How about countries meeting, drawing closer, talking and reducing tensions so there’s no more war?

How about lending a hand to the poorer countries to help us all get more prosperous together?

How about joining in a bloc to become more powerful and get better deals and trading from around the world?

How about our youth being able to study in those countries, travel and get to know our neighbours better and forging better understanding and friendships?

Just imagine how great it would be to collaborate with a whole bunch of countries on dealing with terrorism, crime and defence?

Just imagine how we could make new friends, share cultures, cuisines and the arts to enrich our lives?

Just think how we could all join together to fund major projects that no one of us could do on our own?

Just think of a huge area with many more opportunities for work, travel and for our families to settle?

Just think of a harmonisation of laws, technology, science and bureaucracy in order to make things so much more efficient?

Just think how we could reduce all the red tape and have overarching rules and offices so instead of us all having to have our own we can have one for all of us?

I can see a vision of the future where bigger is so much better in so many ways! It could make things so much easier, make us wealthier, safer and make life so much richer.

I am so excited by this idea. Who do I tell about it?

12 thoughts on “I’ve got this smashing idea!!

  1. Yourself, living in cloud cuckoo land as usual. Where is your Loyalty to your Country, oh I forgot you don’t have any. Its so much better in EU you should go live there, macaroni and merkle your type of wonderful idea of this perfect world, perfect take a close look at those Countries and this, but then you only want to see and pontificate about what YOU want.

    1. I do live there! It’s the others who are messing the place up Anna. Complete farce!
      What are you pontificating about with your defence of fascists and bewailing of Labour?

  2. Opher, all this nonsense you listed about the wonders of membership of the EU why has NONE of this happened over the last forty years of membership???? Was Junker too pissed to do achieve any of this. Thanks for the great laugh re the Fascists, the tears have not stopped yet. Opher, the truthful irony is that as I type this I am dressed in a Black shirt – NO JOKE.

    1. LOL Anna. They have Anna. The EU might not be perfect but we have had brilliant prosperity, the longest period in history without a war, great collaborations in science, technology and economics, fabulous opportunities for our kids to travel, live, work and study anywhere in Europe, the ability to travel without needing visas, free trade and a far friendlier attitude towards our European neighbours.
      We’re chucking that away.
      You don’t miss what you’ve got until its gone.
      We’re already a lot poorer and going to be a lot poorer yet. You voted for poverty. Rees-Mogg already transferred his loot abroad. You can guarantee they’ll be making a killing out of all this mess.
      You really think it’s going to solve the problems? Not a chance. They’ll still be migration in from Africa, India and further. We’ll just be a lot poorer.
      As for the fascists – they’re loving it. Tommy Robinson lapping up the attention – man of the people! Yeah! I think not. A lying Islamophobic xenophobe with far-right connections.

      1. Who is this Tommy Robinson geezer? I’ve heard of some bloke named Steven Yaxley something but not this Tommy bloke……Next you’ll be telling me he’s got some convictions!

      2. He’s the one you’ve been defending as a purveyor of truth despite all his past dealings with far-right groups. He’s the one I’ve been saying is a lying fascist.

      3. On a serious note though, I do recognise some of the benefits of Europe. Without our European cousins we wouldn’t have:-

        • Sour Krouts *sic
        • Garlic
        • White Flags
        • French granny shaggers
        • Sliding down mountains on planks of wood tied to feet
        • Clogs
        • Dodgy Fish Stew
        • Snot balls in shells
        • The legs of frogs (I mean the slimy toad like residents, not the amphibians)
        • The Dolmio Family
        • Furniture made from matchsticks
        • I’ll leave Belgium out of it, everyone else does
        • Peter Schmeichel
        • Dodgy Potatoes
        • Semtex
        • Strange little men with moustaches
        • Borat
        • Imitation sherry
        • Freezer Supermarket (50 sausage rolls for £1!!!)
        • Taramasalata

        Britain on the other hand has given us:-

        • Roast Beef
        • Margaret Thatcher
        • Wetherspoons
        • Eddie the Eagle
        • The OXO Family
        • Ronnie & Reggie
        • Chas & Dave
        • The Chuckle Brothers
        • Danny Dyer
        • Curry
        • Nobby Stiles
        • Pickles the dog
        • Monster Munch
        • Norman Tebbit (Britain’s foremost bicycle salesman)
        • The technical advancements from Alan Sugar
        • Charles Bronson (not the actor bloke)
        • Tim Henman “COME ON TIM!!!!”
        • Mr Kiplin
        • The ghost of Bruce Forsythe
        • Sir James Saville
        • Basil Brush
        • White Vans
        • Fish & Chips

  3. Opher, it’s not just birds and planes that fly over your head is it? You can add sarcasm to the list now. Replace the words “far right” with “terrorist” and you could be describing old comrade Corbyn. In fairness to Tommy at least he wouldn’t wear clothes a tramp would reject to a commemoration to the war dead.

    1. That’s not sarcasm Anna. That’s fact.
      Fascists do dress smart. It’s their minds that are the problem. You’ve just got a thing about Corbyn. He stands for fairness and a better Britain – not god queen and the aristocracy like these Tory bastards.

      1. Indeed, I’ve heard Tommy shops at Hugo Boss….wonder why??? Corbyn can be found dipping in and out of skips. Corbyn appeals largely to the work shy and the feckless. For the many NOT the Jew.

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