The Greatest Sci-Fi Writers in any Universe! (At least my personal favourites)

I’ve always loved and written Sci-fi. It gives full rein to the imagination. I like my Sci-fi with good science, social context and a meaningful thought-provoking set of ethics. I’m not so keen on space drama or fantasy.

Just the look at the strange names seemed exotic to me Asimov, Simak, Budris, Van Vogt. They seemed other worldly. I used to consume this books in my youth, reading a book a day. They fired up my imagination and opened up horizons. I have a large library that I still dip into.

My favourite writers are:

Iain Banks

Margaret Atwood

Kurt Vonnegut

Robert Sheckley

Arthur C Clarke

Isaac Asimov

John Wyndham

John Brunner

James Blish

Anne McCaffrey

Rob Grant

Douglas Adams

Robert Heinlein

Frank Herbert

Larry Niven

Jack Vance

AE Van Vogt

Fred Hoyle

Algis Budris

Michael Moorcock

Ursula LeGuin

Fritz Leiber

Brian Aldiss

Harry Harrison

Poul Anderson

Greg Bear

Ben Bova

Bob Shaw

James White

Ray Bradbury

JG Ballard

Robert Bloch

CJ Cherryh

Frank Herbert

Robert Silverberg

Clifford D Simak


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