A ‘Best of’ Day!!

I thought that today I’d have a bit of a ‘best of’ day.

This is not really a ‘best of’ at all, of course. It is what I find I like best. It is highly subjective.

What one person likes somebody else hates. What somebody finds highly personal and perceptive somebody else finds pretentious and commercial. What one person finds elucidating someone else finds naïve.

But finding out what somebody loves tells you a lot about that person. It used to be the case that whenever you met someone it was always good to have a browse through their books and record collection. It told you reams.

So today I will give you a quick browse through my bookcase and record collection. It might give you a peek into my head.

These are my likes. I will give you a list of my favourites. It isn’t definitive. It will come off the top of my head so I will miss out some obvious ones. You can point them out to me if you like.

What is missing will also tell you something.

I find doing this sort of thing fun! Hope you enjoy it too!! I look forward to hearing your views!

I'd like to hear from you...

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