Should Women Accusers be Believed?

Obviously women accusers should not be believed – they should be listened to with respect and treated seriously and their complaints investigated thoroughly.

Something that hasn’t happened in the past.

Unfortunately some women do lie and make things up but the statistics show that most are genuine.

Yes I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Men should not be dragged through the courts or public eye without clear evidence.

Historic sex abuse is very difficult to prove but you cannot have men hounded and their lives destroyed without evidence that would stand up in court.

On the other hand many women were abused and should receive justice.

It is very difficult to deal with because these things tend to happen in private and there is rarely much evidence.

If there is no evidence then there cannot be a case.

Hopefully we are in a new age where predatory men do not have the same power to abuse with impunity. Where women are empowered to report abuse and have it dealt with, and where these things do not fester for decades.

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