The Story of Life

The Story of Life

Once upon a time there was time, more time than the human mind can imagine, billions of years, time enough to do the impossible, time enough for things that seem like magic to occur.
That is the incredible story of life, how it began and how its inception was more astounding than god and almost as unlikely.
Step by slow step the unbelievable happened. The slowness, unlikeliness and wonder of it, is beyond our conception. We would rather believe in dragons, magic and supernatural creatures who are spawned from nowhere, just like the universe itself.
But life did not come from nowhere. It formed ever so sluggishly by chance through more time than we can understand because it had all the time in the world.
In the primordial seas the chemicals accrued. All they needed was chance, the way molecules naturally develop, and time beyond imagination.
That is hard to believe.
We know it happened because we are here to tell the tale.

6 thoughts on “The Story of Life

  1. Namaste Opher 🙂

    It is indeed an unimaginable amount of time for life to evolve to this point. It is miraculous we are here at all never-mind the fact we are also miracles of nature. Our universe is bewildering and breath-taking in equal measure.

    What are your thoughts on accelerating natural evolution through genetic engineering: for example gene therapy or genetic enhancement. Do you think human beings will be able to direct our evolution? Do you think we should?

    Have a pleasant evening dude. Namaste 🙂


    1. Hi Dewin, yes, I touch on that in the Sci-fi book I’ve just finished. We will shortly have the ability to not only remove all harmful genes that will lead to disease (such as huntingdon’s) but will be able to produce human beings optimised in every way – athletic skills, strength, intelligence, empathy, caring, loving. Which traits do you think they will go for?

      1. A very good question Opher 🙂

        When you say they do you mean producers or consumers? If the former then cynical me replies ‘whichever is most profitable’ If the latter who knows! I’d imagine selection of agreeable-traits and genetic features would be dependant on individual choice as much dictated by affordability and/or socio-economic status. Would people choose effectively using vision or demand satisfaction in the immediate? For example athletic prowess must surely diminish with age regardless of how enhanced or capable one is. Would it then be better to opt for intelligence or enhanced robustness of the mind so that later years are remembered, enjoyed and engaged with without compromise? It is a fascinating question and genetic engineering a fascinating subject which demands many far-reaching questions to be asked like should we indeed direct human evolution? If so what purpose will it serve, what is science’s destination: how far should it push evolution?

        Eradication in advance of genetic defects through genetic engineering is truly phenomenal: the reach of the human mind extraordinary. Diseases such as cancer or degenerative heart disease could become illnesses of the past. However there is also the possibility of reaching to far beyond the envelope far to quickly and creating epidemics and Frankenstein’s monsters: images of squirming fleshy things kept alive in giant test tubes or pickled for posterity in preservation liquid, officials and operatives in yellow bio-suits attending crisis districts in urban settings etc…

        And you Opher, which traits do you think they will go for and why?

        Namaste 🙂


      2. Dewin – I would like very much to remove the deleterious genes that cause diseases. That would be excellent.
        To take it further would I think open up a nightmare of terrible possibilities and ethical decisions. Would cynical governments clone soldiers with great bravery, strength and emotional coldness? Would they create athletes genetically programmed to win? Would we have to have special Olympics for the genetically unreconstituted?
        Personally I think caring and empathy would be good traits to develop to the maximum. Intelligence can be so misused and is so overrated. Some of the nastiest people are intelligent. Some of the nicest are not so bright,

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