Headteachers march on Downing Street to protest Tory Education cuts!

In an unprecedented move Headteachers from all over the country are marching on Downing Street to protest the terrible effects of continual Tory Cuts.

If I was still working I’d certainly be marching with them!

An 8% cut in the funding for each child has resulted in larger class sizes, a loss of support staff and cuts in teaching staff. The affect on schools is major.

Tory Lies try to obfuscate. They claim they are spending more on education. Yes they are but inflation means than in real terms there are big cuts! On top of that a lot of the budget is being wasted on silly Tory stupidities – like Free Schools, Grammar Schools, Religious Schools and Academies.

We’ve already had teachers pay and pensions slashed and their workload increased dramatically. They are leaving in droves.

Education is the future of our country. To shortchange our kids is appalling.

Do the Tories only care about the Public Schools and the elite? Or are they willing to give kids from poor backgrounds a fair chance?

This current protest really shows the strength of feeling. This is no union action. This is a spontaneous action from grassroots Headteachers.

They have had enough of Tory decimation of public services!

They know how bad things have got!

They think our kids are worth better!

Education is in crisis!

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