Is intelligent and rational thought still possible?

It seems to me that we have an increased division into tribalism, an increased knee-jerk reaction to any article, heightened emotional states, more outpourings of hatred, labelling and disregarding, an increased amount of personal abuse, a nastier set of abuse, an inability to actually read what was written and intelligently engage in supporting, refuting or providing a different facet, an endless reciting of fake crap based on bogus sites that are believed as fakes, and a lack of ability to see anybody else’s point of view if it happens to differ from your own political stance.

Or is that just me?

Is intelligent and rational thought still possible?

4 thoughts on “Is intelligent and rational thought still possible?

  1. Yes, that is a perfect description of many people right down to the last dot and crossed t.
    The inability to actually read what was written and the outpouring of hatred and labelling is exactly the case.
    Time and again very accurate details of fact have been presented by a number of people, all to be wiped, deleted and denied on the premise of saving face and excused with dealing with the hardships of reality where one is expected to possess a certain level of knowledge.
    When people go no further than the BBC, The Guardian, Facebook, Twitter and other blog posts, it is little wonder they suffer from an integral deficit of comprehensive cognitive awareness on a number of issues. Their political outlooks have a tendency to be overtly myopic and stunted. They continue to follow the same old paths with the same old results and complain in bewilderment why nothing changes or why nothing can change.
    They have been stupefied with nostalgia and self-involvement.

    I think this quote from Thomas Sowell, the 88 year old American economist and social theorist – “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”
    Give me the great Thomas Sowell over any pig ignorant middle-class Guardianista type.

      1. Of course, yes we all do. Our politicians from both sides wrecked our society several decades ago.
        What I strongly object to is this current trend of bringing university domiciled persons out from their dusty domains into the media and asking their opinions on on-topics.
        The BBC spend an inordinate amount of effort doing this with completely untenable Ox-Bridge types. Simply ghastly people, professors in fossil studies whose lives have absolutely no relation to anything in our day-to-day lives. These people could not be living further from the front-line and quite frankly, I believe their opinions to be loose-canon dangerous. They are protected and stand to lose nothing.

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