More Bust up

More Bust up


After it had been completely quiet for half an hour Gwen decided that John had either completely crashed out or had left. She thought he had left to go up town to score some smack. She wanted to go round to see the damage.

We were not so sure. I had visions of John asleep in an exhausted heap and Gwen kicking him again.

As it was obvious that she wasn’t going to settle until such time as she had witnessed the scene we decided to take her round. It was now three in the morning and we needed to get some sleep. Terry and I went along with Gwen in case John was still lurking there in some violent rage ready to pounce.

Tentatively Terry and I approached the flat. There were just bits of wood hanging off the hinges and splintered wreckage all over the landing.

We went in, peering around for signs of John. There were only two rooms and he wasn’t in either but he’d sure made a good job of wrecking the place. The only thing left undisturbed was the baby’s cot.

We’d been so focused on looking for John that we’d neglected Gwen. She’d followed us in. She’d looked at the mess in the living room with mounting horror and then seen what he’d done to the bedroom.

The first thing we became aware of was a huge roar. It startled the wits out of us. We thought Gwen had been stabbed or something.


It was Gwen having completely lost it.

She threw herself on the room in some kind of fit. She lifted a great chest of drawers and threw it across the room with super-human strength. She was beside herself. Whatever John had not wrecked she did.

We thought she was really going to damage herself in this great rage. She wasn’t listening. She was in some kind of trance.

Terry and I tried reasoning. Then we just had to grapple with her.

In the midst of this the girls appeared. They had heard the wailing and smashing and thought John was killing us.

Gwen was hysterical.

Terry and I had managed to grapple her down to the ground with a great deal of force. We told the girls to call the ambulance.

It took thirty minutes for the ambulance to arrive. All the time we held Gwen down on the ground as she screamed and writhed.

When the ambulance men came in they gave her a shot which calmed her a lot but she was still gibbering and had to be restrained.

Then one of the ambulance men slapped her round the face really hard in some bizarre attempt to calm her down.

I was shocked by the force of it. It left a livid mark on her cheek.

Terry was more than shocked. He went for the guy.

Once again I found myself restraining him as the ambulance men took Gwen down. They then examine Terry, who had quietened down a bit, and decided he needed stitches in his tongue.

Finally they took Gwen and Terry off and there was peace.

It was now gone four in the morning and we were shattered. The baby was still asleep but the ambulance men told us that the police would be along shortly to take the baby. It was not possible for her to be left with us.

We went home and waited.

It took an hour and a half for the police to turn up. By the time they’d taken the details we finally got to bed at gone six.

Now people seem surprised when I tell them I’m not too keen on birthday celebrations.


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