A Book of Anecdotes – the Introduction



I don’t know much but I do know that life is for living. You have so many seconds and your job is to fill them with love, laughter, friendship and experience.

That’s how I’ve lived my life.

You have to roar.

The universe is a big place. There’s a lot to see and do.

There are a lot of interesting people that you never get to meet if you don’t make the effort.

There are a lot of books that contain all the most wonderful descriptions and wisdom. You can travel to different times and dimensions and mine the greatest thoughts, ideas and imaginings. All human experience is at your finger-tips and it can take you anywhere, expand your mind, and fill you with wonder, emotion and awe. It can enable you to live a thousand lives.

Life is about living, seeing, meeting, thinking, and appreciating. You have to grab it.

Everything is a risk. If you don’t conquer your fear you never really live. I never wanted to merely exist. We all die. It’s what you do in between opening your eyes and closing them that counts.

I’ve had a full life. I’ve packed it with memories, people, family and love.

Not all of it is good. Some of it is scary, sad, miserable and painful. But if you don’t have the contrast you have nothing with which to measure the highs.

These are little vignettes, stories, thoughts, ideas, anecdotes and views inside my head. There are a lot of variety in subject, style and era. There are sections on evolution, the story of my life in writing and science as well as the little cameos flashing from all the stations of my life. I was tempted to sub-group them but I figured you could gloss over the parts that did not resonate with you.

I hope you find something to enjoy.

This is a peek into various corners of my attic. The memories are piled up in heaps. Have a rummage through.

Opher 2.12.2015

In the UK – paperback and digital:

In the USA in both paperback and digital:

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