Just Imagine If We Didn’t Need an Army, Navy and Airforce?

Just imagine if there was no longer any need for wars? If we did not need to spend huge sums of money on an army, air force and navy? If we didn’t keep reducing cities to rubble and spending huge sums rebuilding them?

Isn’t war the most ridiculous thing that humans do?

So who benefits from war?

Why do the powerful wish to attack and destroy?

Do ordinary people in one country really have a problem with ordinary people in other countries?

Just imagine if all the money wasted on these military exercises and rebuilding could be deployed to make the world a better place?

Just imagine if all the people presently in armies carrying out destruction and pointless military activities could be diverted into positive action and building?

We could end poverty.

We could save the environment.

We could make life brilliant for everyone.

Just imagine.

8 thoughts on “Just Imagine If We Didn’t Need an Army, Navy and Airforce?

  1. You are expecting everyone to become so nice to help each other, its a nice dream but it will never happen. We may not like all the money spent on protecting us but we have to have it, what would you do let those who want to take away our Country and our way of life just do that. Just today, a Terrorist Attack in Barnsley, oh yes there are those that are trying to play it down “another mental person” attempting to kill people. We have to face facts, especially in this Country, we have far too many enemies within.

    1. I’m being whimsical Anna. It was more a comment on human nature.
      Yes we do have some enemies within from a number of sources and there are certainly enemies outside that we have to defend against. What a shame. What a waste of money, time and effort. Just imagine…………….

    1. I’m glad about that Raili.
      I think that pendulum is swinging slowly. Most of us are getting kinder, more caring and more civilised. There’s hope for the future. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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